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Thread: Blade Emitters for the MHS

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    Default Blade Emitters for the MHS

    Heya all.

    I've seen Tim's new designs for the MHS blade emitters, and they look seriously sweet. I was wondering, however, what other options there are for customising the emitter, until the new ones are released? I've seen the resin-cast Vader emitter, but that's not what I'm really after. What has anyone else used as an alternative?

    I'm after something that'll fit with a minimal amount of work, to be honest. If it'd slot over the current emitter that'd be cool, or if it was (by sheer magic) threaded to fit the hilt. There's no particular design that I'm after, either, just an idea of the options available.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Without access to a lathe you are pretty much stuck with doing stuff like angled emmitters. You can't really change it with metal piece, be it a sleeve or actually changing the holder without a lathe.

    You could add layers of plastic on top to shape it. I've seen that on many hardware sabers. It's labor intensive with all the dremeling and sanding but you could go that route.

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    i know what you mean xwing. i seen a tutorial on how to build the emitter shroud for the vader rotj. they used a reese hitch box cover. and it was very very labor intensive.

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