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Thread: 07-08 MR and HFX Vader ANH - Disassembly only, kits available

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    Talking 07-08 MR and HFX Vader ANH - Disassembly only, kits available

    This tutorial will show you how to convert your 2005 Master Replicas Vader to a 3watt Luxeon using the conversion kit that Tim offers. The saber will retain all sound functions and use the original switch. You must make sure your hilt is the same design as the one shown in this tutorial. Tim makes no guarantees that the wiring etc that Tim says to use in this tutorial will be the same in all models. You will need to have basic soldering and mechanical skills to do the conversion. You can reuse the stock MR blade by putting some clear or reflective tape around the base to make it a tad bit bigger. When finished you will have one very strong saber as everything between your hands and the PolyC blade will be metal to metal with no weak plastic.

    MR/HFX Vader ANH Saber
    Conversion Kit
    8.7 Degree Collimator Lens
    Lens Holder
    Rebel Star LED
    Thermal Tape

    1. Start by removing the screw on the side of the activation box:

    2. (2) small screws hold the plastic box centerpiece in place, remove them and the box comes right apart. Desolder the switch and push the wires down inside the hilt. You should now have these parts disassembled:

    3. Next remove the 2 bulb thumbscrews and the 2 small set screws from the MPP replica shroud assembly. There is a small phillips head screw underneath the long black piece, remove it too. Now you have these parts removed:

    4. Now slide the shroud off over the blade and you have these parts removed:

    5. Next, remove the pommel and battery pack. Now slide the electronics assembly out through the emitter end of the saber. MAKE SURE THE SWITCH WIRES ARE SHOVED DOWN INSIDE THE PLASTIC CHASSIS. You are now here:

    6. Now, separate the 2 pieces of the chassis by removing the tape that holds them together and unplug the wiring chassis from the soundboard. Next, knock the 2 knurled pins out of the blade emitter assembly with a nailset. You should now have parts that look like this:

    7. There is one small knurled pin that holds the Blade/LED assembly together. It must be driven down inside the blade. Once you do this, the blade slides off and you can crack the assembly open to remove the clash sensor. It looks like this when done:

    8. Remove the led strip from the blade and split the housing to expose the wiring. (your wiring will look different if you have the quick disconnect style blade)
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