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Thread: Tonfa handle prototype

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    Quote Originally Posted by xl97 View Post

    3.) I think the guarded switch in the pommel needs to be available stand alone as well.
    Actually I was thinking this as well, Not sure if for the same reason but if we could mount the switch in the end of the pommel on Saber that would be pretty nifty.
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    Please make many!!!!!!!!!!
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    that is just awesome. I foresee many tonfa style sabers in the future. Many many tonfa sabers.

    well done.


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    Quote Originally Posted by xl97 View Post
    3.) I think the guarded switch in the pommel needs to be available stand alone as well.
    It looks like its a different size from the rest of the MHS pieces. I can't imagine it'd be that much more difficult to make in regular size though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strydur View Post
    I'm not sure why some think its not strong enough. The part being bolted to the tube is made out of one solid piece of aluminum. I dont think it will be a issue but if it becomes one we can look at other options.
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    Seriously though, Tim hasn't steered us wrong yet guys I'm sure he has given this part lots of thought, so give it a chance.

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    Tim = God Thanks so much Tim!

    I don't know...

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    Thats just nutty. Very cool Tim, very cool.
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    Well, it's time to start saving up!
    That's awesome!
    I quite like the guarded switch on the end of the grip!
    Does the mount for the adapter connect to both ends of the grip, so you can have a double saber claw thingy?
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    Default Awesome!

    You can really use that as a self defense weapon IRL, and it'll be the first saber handle to be made illegal in NY, because everything is illegal in NY!
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    Damn it Tim, You are now Darth Wallet! I cant wait, absolutely cant wait. When, when, when???!!!! I want to place a big order soon.

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