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Thread: TCSS Chat Rules- All members please read.

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    Exclamation TCSS Chat Rules- All members please read.

    The ShoutBox is an integrated chat program for members. You can only view it once you have a certain number of posts. Please don't postwhore to get your count up.

    The rules for use of the shoutbox are the same as those for the rest of the site.

    However, A list of a few should be highlighted:

    1. No swearing.

    2. Keep things PG, like in the forums.

    3. No making deals for saber parts or services.

    4. No selling things.

    5. No posting of random videos or youtube links.

    6. No unintelligible rambling posts. Also, no one or two word shouts that don't fit in with the conversation.

    7. No Race/Religion/Creed/culturally insensitive remarks.

    8. No verbal "fighting".

    9. No insensitive comments on ***ual orientation.

    10. No Role Playing. Period.

    11. No talk of Drug Use. Anything related to using or procuring illicit drugs.

    Thank you for your cooperation, enjoy the shoutbox and MTFBWY.

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    Rules have been amended. Please see Rule #11. Thanks.
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