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Thread: Modular Hilt Systems

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    First saber - obviously heavily inspired by Luke's in ROTJ. Set up with NBv3, blue tri-cree, and a Photon Blade. Pretty happy with how it turned out!

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    I like it. Nice work.

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    Recently finished an MHS hilt. A few mods to the grip and emitter. Sound done with a Prizim (awesome SB ) and a Tri-Cree LED

    Thanks for looking.

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    The Saber of a Gray Jedi - once Jedi Sentinel. He named it SOTIRUS, the combination of the Sith words for "Pure" (Sote) and "Light" (Irus). A name filled with such Good, spoken in the language of Dark Side. Its owner held in his hand this contradiction, a constant reminder of the balance of the Force.

    ~Sotirus is a Nagamaki Lightsaber

    ~The blade color is Bronze, keeping with the Yellow Sentinel origin and yet following the Strength of Lowbacca.

    ~Sotirus also Extends to a Naginata Hilt

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    Nice. But @The one who did the Prizm board, how did you mod the emitter like that, using a blank emitter? I don't have the tools to do something like that so x.x Been wanting a design such as yours
    "Your move!" -Obi-wan kenobi-

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    Haven't posted much on here. Figured i's share my last two builds..

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    Those look good.
    Both have very authentic looks to them
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