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Thread: Modular Hilt Systems

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    Well, here is my latest. I still need to take it apart and do a proper cleaning of all the parts in prep for polishing. Oh, and I still need to drill a hole in the pommel for the EL. And before that, I need to actually buy a suitable switch.


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    MHS 5-watt with ribbed extension and #4 pommel. 3M double-sided foam tape sprayed with black Rhino Lining for grips, along with gold trim and black o-rings in pommel and extension section grooves. LED is white with Lee Filters.

    (BTW the batteries were kind of low on the blade pic)

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    <font color="purple"><font face="Courier New">Well hereís my latest saber, my first one built with MHS parts.

    The parts are Screw on LED blade holder style 7, Double threaded hilt style 2, MHS 2.5" extension tube and Screw on pommel style 3. Uses the MR FX Sound Module, has two red 3w Luxeons and tims blade.

    The claws were cut out of 5mm aluminium using a waterjet machine. They cost me about £40 to get done by a company over here, there was no way I could have cut them out my self. They are adhered on with Araldite rapid steel.

    I drilled and countersunk the holes in the extension tube and pommel my self, then I sanded all the parts with fine sandpaper and polished it. Originally I was going to paint the hilt and the extension tube black and put a sinktube over it with a design cut out of it, but after seeing all the polished sabers here I changed my mind. I might eventually put skateboard grip tape on it for extra grip, I have some extra laying around, but Iím leaving it as is for now!

    Hope you like it.
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    **Updated MHS: emitter8, ribbed ext., m/f piece w/switch hole and led accent hole, fem/fem piece w/05MR Luke pommel, o-rings, Luxeon 3w Blue, 05 MR Luke Soundboard:

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    A green MHS saber and a royal blue mhs connected.

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    Couldn't get my pictures to load so I just posted links. Emitter 8, ribbed ext, MHS 2.5 ext, Fem-to-Fem w/ pommel, custom graflex-style section, cut down grips. Luke 05 sound board, Tim's stock blade & diffuser, quick change LED kit w/ 3watt Royal blue, Green, and Cyan

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    MHS base set plus:
    -3w true cyan led
    -momentary 3w driver board from Corbin
    -Luke FX sound module
    -mirror polished brass accents: I designed, dremelled, and sanded & polished (by hand) these parts

    There were 2 additional Corbin components I had to leave out, as there was no room left inside the hilt. I barely managed to get the thing closed as it was.


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    A new sith saber is born, mhs hilt with two 40 inch poly carbonate blades and two red luxeon 3 watt leds running at 1525 ma. This can be broken down into two sabers by adding pommels. The total length of the saber is 103 inches with the hilt being 26 inches.


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