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Thread: Modular Hilt Systems

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    This is my first MHS lightsaber.The deep red luxeon rebel and the Obsidian sound board (sorry... not enough money for the petit crouton...) are powered by 4 x 1.25v AA nimh. The blade is a 36" duel with double wrap film, one wrap of crystal paper and the blade is sanded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scott5050 View Post

    Blade Holder #2
    Hilt #1
    M-M Connector
    F-F with slots
    Pommel #3
    covertec button
    i really like the simplicity of this saber and how you bunched the o-rings together for the grip.

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    very nice!

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    i purchased the same main body and planned to use the o-rings in the same style... how did it turn out for you?

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    My very first MHS saber!


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    Default Revised an old saber with a few new parts.

    White Rebel Star with yellow filter. Nothing fancy just a cheap face lift to an old friend.
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    Female Twi'leks are so Hot! I want one. Gotta love the lekku =0)~

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    Ok broken record here... but this is my first build (sending it to my Nephew soon for his b-day). However before I do I get to play with it for a bit. I must admit the electronics in this is shocking and now that I have done one my next one will be alot more prepaired and thought out. BTW another reading this thinking should build one.... yes you should. This has been soo much fun though I have not been getting much sleep (working on it from as soon as I get home until about 2:30 in the morning).

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    What did you use to bend the orange?

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    Morsus and Volnus, my first MHS build complete with custom shrouds. They aren't perfectly cut or sanded, but I really enjoyed making them!


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