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Thread: grips...whos got secrets?

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    Gutted paracord makes for a very nice grip. Comes in a variety of colors.

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    psssst.... this thread is like 7+ years old!

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    hockey tape.

    It might not be the most attractive solution but it's a heck of a lot more comfortable than windshield wipers, lol. Also, it's a good foundation step before adding a leather wrap.

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    O rings from TCSS and 2" heat shrink. Looks good and feels great in the hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xl97 View Post
    psssst.... this thread is like 7+ years old!
    I saw that, but somebody else may stumble across it while looking for answers.

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    Who cares, it's got some good stuff and has plenty of room for updating.

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    Has anyone tried some sort of spray on rubber, like Flex Seal or the likes? I figured it could be masked and applied in interesting patterns.

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    I use Magpul picatinny rail grips off an AR-15. Combined with a few other things, it makes the saber look like it just came back from Afghanistan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by astromech_kuhns View Post
    ok so i know of course theres the grip sold here and oring wich some use. also like foam strips is sometimes done and ive seen skateboard grip tape on a saber. so my question is is there any thing you guys use that is you own little secret method? any youd like to share? im just interested to see how resourcefull some of us are and see how many diffrent things people are using for grip. any way list away!
    Are you looking to glue or attach material to the hilt? Or a surface treatment. I could suggest a surface treatment...some Ive tried anyway....
    If you are careful to tuck in the pigtails you could use copper or brass wire like paracord to cover a knife handle..

    I have cut grooves into the handle and used 1/8 brass wire attached to banjo type joints on either probably need a mill for
    this one.


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