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Thread: Graflex Sabers

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    Default Graflex Sabers

    Post Graflex based saber pics here. Any posts with text besides a brief description will be deleted.

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    REAL graflex with a 3 watt blue luxeon. tims regular holder modified with pins added, switch under top red button.and bottom red button thumbscrew.hasbro sound board.

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    Here is my replica Graflex made to look like an Anakin ROTS lightsaber. It has a Royal Blue 3watt Luxeon. No sound yet but will have soon. Uses Tim’s graflex blade holder. The red button is also functional.

    The grips, end cap and circuit board where purchased for a guy in Australia through Ebay.

    No blade yet, need to save up!

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    looking back on my shoulder I discovered I've almost never posted there...
    here is my graflex (stock) conversion, personnal blade mount and electronic modules (sound and light),
    1" blade with improved diffusion

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    These are not graflex "handles". Those are made by peruvian hands (mines) to look like a graflex...see for yourselves.

    These are comparison pics with the MR ones

    Thanks to ERV that post a manual in french for free. That gave me the idea to make my own before I get here And thanks to Tim that send me the polyC tubes. You guys have made two little boys very happy: My nephew and me. Thanks

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    Here is my saber. I like the Graflex, but wanted to put my own twist on it. I'm still working on the blade, which will be a green LED.

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    I getting this from Master Yoda at FX sabers. It is his collectors Graflex kit.
    3 watt blue led with Ultrasound.

    BLUE 3- Ready

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    Been moving along slow with this one. It's a real Graflex 3-cell. Anakin style grips, ESB bottom red button(thumb screw), clamp card and Kobold D ring assembly. I haven't wired it up yet but I have gutted the original internals and installed a short blade socket/heatsink combo. The rest isn't far behind now that I can competantly get the stock red button to work a small, tactile momentary switch mounted below it. Would love to install a sweet crystal housing as well... hopefully, Master Yoda will start selling those things without having to turn over your hilt to him to get the job done.

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    Updated the Graflex... removed the rubber T grips and replaced with brass strips. Used the same template for the ANH 7 grip application to space them perfectly. Adds weight but not chunky in the hand anymore.

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    Default Parks Graflex

    This is a Parks el Graflex that I converted to led and installed a CF 4.0 board
    in with a crystal chamber. The led is a Luxeon K2 and the 3/4 inch blade holder
    was retained. I installed a aux button towards the front of the hilt behind the
    gold pins. I also fit a crystal chamber into the saber with a lighted quartz
    crystal. The blade is a 36 inch long 3/4 inch thin wall Do-clo blade.


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