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Thread: Replica Sabers

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    Default Mara Jade

    Korbanth Jade.

    US 2.5.
    RGB led set to make a nice purple.
    1" blade holder (modified 1.25" Sink tube blade holder from TCSS, thanks Tim!).
    Momentary tactile switch under the led in the control box.
    Premium speaker
    4AAA battery holder.

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    Here's my latest saber, an Obi-Wan ROTS. Made from MHS parts, painted and baked. 2010 Hasbro Obi-Wan soundboard and royal blue Luxeon Rebel Star. Uses a single 3.7V Trustfire. Shown with a Master Replicas .45 scale hilt for comparison.

    Best regards,

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    MHS Starkiller
    BH 3 w/ flat black PC
    Ribbed Ext. w/ black wrinkle PC in the grooves & custom slots milled by Tim. (Thank You Tim, it looks great.)
    3" Dbl female connector
    Dbl ended male w/ black wrinkle PC
    1.2" Dbl female w/ copper PC
    Trim ring 3, black
    Pommel style 1 w/ pvc ring to build it up
    pommel insert 11 w/ red illuminated latching switch
    MHS sleeve material, Graflex glass eye screw, Graflex red button screw, black covertec wheel, black abs grips, set screws to mimic Graflex pins.
    1" thick walled trans white blade stock, 5 degree lens, Lux III red, custom crystal chamber w/ red Makato led, Darth Maul sound board, TCSS speaker, reverse sound (The sound is coming out of the CC slots.) 1 14500 3.7v li-ion & 1 recharge port.
    And a weathered finish. Oh, & aluminum channel rail.

    And a little video action.

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    The Qui-Gon Jinn Lightsaber is my most favorite Lightsaber in Star Wars. FINALLY ! I can hold it in my hands.

    Here's how it looks [Dis-assembled]

    The Lithium Battery and Speeker wrapped together.

    The connecting port to the Battery.

    The connecting port for the LED String [Blade]

    The Connecting Port (Socket) is hidden and folded inside the emitter when the blade is detatched.

    The LED String

    Connecting the Blade first must connect the socket (Connecting Port)

    Sweet Shots:
    The Pommel.

    Pommel + rear end Lightsaber 'Deep' Grips

    Middle Lightsaber Grips

    The Choke.

    The Emitter.

    Back View of the Lightsaber:

    More sweet shots:

    Thank you for your time viewing... Enjoy
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    and... May the Force be with You...

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    Plo Koon (Parks conversion)


    - 7/8" blade
    - LEDEngin 5w Dental (blue)
    - PC 1.2 (Novastar)
    - 2x AW 14500
    - DPDT Dual toggle switch (right - off, center - on, left - aux)

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    Hello there,

    I am Master Jedi Roize from Taiwan. My Padawan lives in France. He saw the Obiwan TPM Lightsaber I built and contacted me several times and requesting me to build him an Obiwan TPM Lightsaber... I hesitated at first... because the Obiwan TPM saber is a pain to build... for my current technology and knowledge. Yes, I am a Machinist myself both Lathe and Mill machines. I built my own Obi TPM saber because it is verrrry expensive to buy at ebay. So evry saber HILT I have are all Custom built by myself... My Luke's EP6 Lightsaber, my Obi EP1 TPM Lightsaber HILT... HILT I built myself then the blade and sound card are of Master Makoto because we know each other and were friends too... Our first project together was Luke's EP6 Lightsaber... our next will be Obiwan's EP3 Lightsaber coming very soon...
    Going back to my Padawan who lives in France... I decided to build him an Obiwan TPM Lightsaber because I felt there is a connection between us... unspeakably... I then agreed to build him His Obi TPM Saber.
    Of coarse he supplied me the funds for the build... But it was NOT business... it's because he's my Padawan.. and I just built the last Obi TPM Lightsaber for the last time... as it was a pain to build... especially the anodizing part of the proccess... IT is the ONLY two (2) Obiwan TPM Lightsaber that built with 7075 Aluminum which is far more durable (Harder) and more scratch resistant than the "Common" 6061 T-6 Aluminum sold at ebay...

    and here's how it looks...

    Attachment 7532Attachment 7533Attachment 7534Attachment 7535Attachment 7536

    This short Vid is dedicated to my Padawan Chris Shinbios from France.

    and... May the Force be with You...

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    Luke ANH Stunt Saber

    Mostly TCSS parts
    Graflex replica clamp from parks
    Cyan rebel star, 7.4 v li-ion, 1000mA buckpuck
    Homemade bunny ears and blade "wrap"

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    And my first saber, my Obi-Wan "Transition" stunt saber

    (I wanted to do a primarily ROTS saber, with some of the ANH greeblies.)
    4AAA seoul P4, resistor, PLI wired in parallel and embedded in activation box


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