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Thread: Replica Sabers

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    Default Replica Sabers

    Post movie replica saber pics here. Any posts with text besides a brief description will be deleted.

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    heiland synchronar, with a 3 watt red/orange led and tims holder.hasbro sound board.

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    El Darth Vader lightsaber made from a heiland 3 cell. Uses Tim's replica shroud.

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    Darth Vader saber in a original Heiland hilt with a red 3 watt luxeon led, mr sound board, metal blade holder from Tim (thanks for machining it to fit), 40 inch poly-c blade with corbins blade film single wrap.

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    Larbel Obi-Wan TPM hilt Blue LED

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    Custom machined replica of Lukes ROTJ saber. No blade but the LED indicators work.


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    My obiwan ep I/II I machinned myself. Blue K2 powered@ 1A or 1.5A, 25/21 blade, activation with the red button, brass screw as blade lock. Pommel is removable to charge the batteries and/or to set the security key that avoids battery discharging when saber is unused. First picture is my custom PCB I made for the K2. No sound on this one, I could not affort it with the size of the saber (I wanted to keep it as close to 1:1 scale as possible, which I did, except for the grip and emitter grooves). Emitter's head is just 2 mm OD larger than the original, the other dimensions are correct (or really really close). I did my best understanding that I don't own nor ever had in my hand a real saber (not even blueprints). I have my lathe since may only...
    Enjoy !
    2 more pics with the saber lit

    Props Electronics

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    Parks Obi-wan ANH unweathered.

    Ignited (yeah, oops... forgot to resize it before upload... linky instead):

    I love how it has the thin neck. Best twirling saber I have next to my curved hilt. Not sure if it will get Lux converted, but some upgrades are in it's future (namely paint at the least). Thankfully I can tell that upgrades shouldn't be all too hard since the electronics are a machined insert that can be slid out.
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    Two graflex, ANH with my sound board in, the other ESB, with wireless omnisaber sound board (to go with my wireless vader ). Blue luxeon star III, I was lucky to get a batch with light blue, almost as bright as a Cyan, but not greenish. Grips, boards and bubbles from Blashtech, blade mount from TCSS, recharge pins and red button switch kit from graflex shop. And electronic modules by me
    Batteries recharge port is inside the graflex, simply open the clamp lever, turn and get the beast recharged, or switched off totally with a little PVC safety key.

    Props Electronics


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