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Thread: Custom Sabers

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    My new Bluntsaber, as used by Kevin Smith in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Graffix "tobacco water pipe" for the body, NBv2 with modified sound font mixing Darkmeat with Nova's Bubbling water font, old style TCSS 1.25" sink tube blade holder, and some sink tube. Also I made a custom safety sticker for it. Getting it signed by Jay Mewes at Kansas City Comicon this year. And hopefully eventually Kevin Smith.

    Now signed by Jay Mewes at Planet Comicon 2016

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    Now that's cool. Re-purposing a "tobacco water pipe" as a a hilt, is some real out of the box thinking. Then getting one of the actor's that inspired the build to sign it is just icing on the cake.

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    Lol. That's the greatest XD
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    Unreasonable Doubt: The Saber of the Fallen

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    My First Saber

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    Beautiful work!

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    my first saber, ty tim and custom saber shop. com. it was what i wanted.


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