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Thread: Custom Sabers

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    Default Custom Sculpted Sith Saber

    Here's a saber I recently finished up. The base is a section of 1.25" OD aluminum tubing, with a TCSS 1.25' sinktube blade holder (modified) fitted to it. LED is a Luxeon III R/O bought here at TCSS. Sound comes from an Ultrasound 2.1, and power is provided by a 4AAA battery holder bought here at TCSS.

    The sculpted part of the hilt is made from a high-strength epoxy compound, that was finished by hand with various hand tools to shape it; then dyed, stained, washed and dry-brushed to give the surface finish you see.

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    My First Saber
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    Me and the GF have our Do-Clo sabers now!

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    Default first saber build!

    taken me ages but cant wait to start next one! really is addictive
    10" alloy tube with home made blade holder
    pvc waste pipe sprayed silver for emitter
    i used a door bell housing for switch!
    pepper pot lid for end cap with extra drilled holes for sound!!
    neoprene rubber for grips
    vader force action soundboard powering a seoul p4 white led, red momentary switch,4aaa batterys
    blade is about 33" long with cellophane diffuser
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    Default garage saber hybrid

    My first saber! Inspired by novastars basic saber video on you tube!

    hilt is a 1.5'' sink tube lux III red li 2400mah batt ran straight to the LED
    i used a lot of electric tape both inside and out, as you can see its obvious. bought a pre assembled blade from TCSS the pommel is still a work in progress the holder is also TCSS the button is actually a cheapy on that you hold and is completely covered by the tape.
    I forgot optics though! I thought I wouldn't need them but as you can see the blade is week. I have just ordered it from TCSS.

    Definitely a two hander the blade is a full 40 and the hilt is 14.

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    Default Aggressor's Edge

    My virgin effort. All MHS with red powder coating and black bedliner spray grip. LuxIII Red and US 2.5 (not installed at time of photos.) Red ring black AV switch and recharge port equipped 7.2V Li-Ion pack.

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    Default first Light Sabre

    My first, with custom electronics that fades up and down, looks better than just on/off. Hi polished standard MHS parts. P4 White. Second model is part finished.

    needed the longer hilt

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    Default Krayt Bone MHS with a CF

    It's been awhile since I posted a new saber here...

    It's made mostly of MHS parts which I have customized somewhat. Powdercoated Dark Chrome. AND IT HAS A FAKE BONE HANDLE! I call it Krayt Bone.

    Krayt Dragon being a fake animal - and the bone in the handle also being fake - it seems reasonable.

    It also has...
    - Red Lux 3
    - Premium speaker
    - Red SMD bar-graph with amber low batt LED
    - Rumble motor
    - 7.4 Li-Ion battery pack
    - 2.1 mm recharge port
    - powdercoated red buttons and kill key
    - 6 sound fonts including my new "Korriban" dark side font.

    And the video...

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    I picked up the mag-lite things and well I was unable to make them into "budget sabers", BUT, Don made them int o AWESOME stunt sabers!

    Lux3 R/O Anti-Vandal switches, box taken from a SLF saber I broke, Lithium Ions taken from 2 Makoto kits we had (added protector circuit). Both blades are Corbin style film.

    I love them!
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    Here's a custom saber I finished not too long ago.

    I found a pretty cool looking piece at a camera shop. So I used it for my pommel.

    I ended up with a simple design to cut out of the sinktube.


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