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Thread: Custom Sabers

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    Default Custom Sabers

    Post custom saber pics here. Any posts with text besides a brief description will be deleted.

    The Custom Saber Shop

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    Default Custom Sabers

    Likey? Not sure if I should put this under MR mod or custom...
    What makes this saber special is not it's looks, although I am quite proud of that part, but it's ability to change color. Any color.
    See the 3 little knobs on the side? RGB baby! You want purple, you've got purple. Pink, yellow, red, green, blue, aqua, white? You've got it!

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    The 4 sabers curently in my possesion:

    The top one is a White Lux3 Hasbro board
    The small one is a Royal Blue Lux1 MR board
    The Gold saber is a 3 Watt RGB with MR board
    The bottom saber is Royal Blue LuxV(5 watt) with a Hasbro board

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    my first saber....

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    My first one

    aqua EL blade. which for somereason i have no pics on it on...

    hmmm hmmmm whooosh hmmmm whooosh crackel

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    My latest EL hilt.


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    I posted these many months ago in the Misc. forum, but here they are again for the gallery...

    At the time of thier construction Tim did not offer an LED diffuser, they have since been refitted with a new blade and diffuser from TCSS. The ones pictured are bead blasted PolyC.


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    My bladeless hardware/garage saber and my lux.

    both sabers.

    Hardware/ garage saber.

    Luxeon in partially lit room with flash.

    Parially lit room no flash.

    dark room no flash

    I know the pics are big. sorry.


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