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Thread: 2003 Darth Vader

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    Well, I got the saber. I ran out to the nearest big electronics shop and bought a battery pack, speaker, and other odds and ends, and, with low expectations, set about trying to revive the seemingly dead 2003 Vader saber...and it worked! This was my first serious electronics project (not counting an Ultrasabers Darth Maul conversion that simply required me to follow directions), and it was quite a thrill to put the batteries in, flip the switch, and see the saber fire up. Now I just need an LED, lens, holder, heatsink, and some kind of blade holder, not to mention a hilt. I'm thinking of using the Vader hilt and making it look a lot less Vader-esque by removing the MPP clamp (which, in this 2003 edition, looks pretty cheesy) and improvising a different emitter.
    One thing I'm still not clear on, after searching the forums and looking through the various wiring diagrams, is how precisely to add a charger port. Eventually I'll have the MR FX sound board, 4 AAA battery pack (using 1000 aM NiHM batteries), an LED, speaker, and latching switch. I'd be grateful if someone could fill me in on exactly how to wire the charge port in, or point me in the direction of a wiring diagram I may have overlooked. Thanks in advance.

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    Here you go (straight from Erv's tutorials):

    All n00bs READ these first (PLEASE)!!!:1. LDM's Basic Saber-build Step-by-Step Tutorial 1A. Maul's Saber Dictionary 1B. THREAD INDEX 1C. Econo Sound Diagrams
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    Thanks, Lord Dottore Matto.
    Oops. The jack I bought (see photos) has only two leads. Judging from Erv's diagram, the all-important switch is placed between two (negative?) leads. Is the jack I purchased unusable?

    Also, here's a photo of the 2003 Darth Vader board. I'd be grateful if someone could fill in the question marks, particularly since 1) I want to use a different switch than the sliding switch that's there now, and 2) the clash sensor may need to be replaced, since I have yet to get a reaction from it.

    Finally, here are shots of the battery-pack/speaker set-up, of which I'm rather proud. (Remember, this is my first project. )

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    Hmm. I just checked the online catalog of the store where I bought the jack, and it looks like this is what I needed instead of the one I bought:

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