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Thread: Force FX Construction Kit guts?

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    Default Force FX Construction Kit guts?

    Tell me what you guys think.

    I noticed on the Force FX Construction Kit it has a sound card, motion sensor, and a LED that fades in and out (Im asuming a driver).

    So I started thinking, could I gut the saber (throwing away the stock LED) attach my own Lux III (in this case lets say red) and use the stock MR parts in my own saber? (Speaker, wires, soundboard, battery pack, ect.)

    Or would I need to use a white Lux LED and the stock guts and just select the color on the card?

    Do you think this is a practical/cheap way to make a saber?

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    Force FX construction kit

    aka = sw-616
    aka = joe jedi

    try the search function...

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    Ok thank you, Sorry I didnt check first.. dont ask me why but I thought I just stumbled upon something New and incredible. haha

    I searched both and looked through the posts but couldnt find any answers :/ (Am i looking in the wrong places?)
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    The search is a little wierd, try searching with quotes like "Joe jedi" etc to get better results.

    The construction set is actually a great saber by itself. The led in there is already pretty bright and all you really need to add is a new thicker removable blade if you want to use it for dueling. The inner core is an aluminum tube so you can just put a sink tube over it if you want to make your own unique saber.

    You could put a lux III in there but then you would lose the ability to change colors. I believe also the 1.25 inch sink tube blade holder fits inside the hilt of that thing.

    The only way you can get this thing to change colors with your own LED is if you get a tri-colored LED like the endor rebel or you used a white LED with a plastic color disc for filtering the light. The circuit for that board was meant to drive the tri-colored LED thats built in there so unless it is wired up the same way, you won't get the same functionality.

    It is not a practical way of making a saber. Unless you happened to have gotten this ultra cheap at radio shack when they were clearancing it.

    This thing is currently selling for around $70 on ebay and most of the stores online sell it for over $100.

    Radio shack no longer has them.

    It would be cheaper to just buy a sinktube and holder and the lux III kit to make your own saber.

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    I did a teardown of the saber here:

    It's a pretty good board for building custom sabers, it's compact and has both lightside and darkside sounds. You can run a Lux right off the board but not very brightly, the included one is a very low wattage LED (notice no heatsink) and I suspect they are underdriving it.

    One of these paired up with an LED driver or buckpuck is a very good option if you can get them cheap enough or for when nicer boards are scarce (which so far is usually).

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    Oops, hehe, looks like I killed the actual image files I was pointing to, I'll get them back online tonight.

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