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Thread: Smoke when Clash Sensor goes off...No LED

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    Default light

    well, that's good actually because it means that those wires are delivering power to the LED. However, to clarify, you are saying that there is no ramping when turning the light on and off?

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    I looked through the MR conversions threads and found this:
    It may be of some help....

    Got a question? Start Here. Have you tried the Thread Index yet? Most questions can be answered there.

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    Exclamation Clairification....

    Ok, everything works just fine except the LED is on even when the switch is off.

    I just need to know how to fix that and I am finally done!!! YAY!!!

    And Jay, I have already seen that forum and it doesn't help with the current problem. Thank you regardless.

    Though I do appreciate the help from everyone.

    In conclusion.

    I need to find out why the LED is always on. It may be a short but I doubt it. HOW DO I FIX IT?

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    Question Extension of problem.....

    I separated the negative leads coming off the boards. When touched to the negative lead coming from the LED, each one lights up the LED.....


    Short on board maybe?

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    Angry Now...

    I bypassed the notion of using the board to power the LED.

    I decided to take ArmOnFire's fury saber wiring diagram and use it for the wiring. It would appear that not enough power is getting to the speaker and the switch for the board doesn't seem to do anything, though that may be related to the speaker issue.

    Any ideas?

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