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Thread: Crystal Focus 4.x and beyond Bug list & Fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by erv View Post
    recharge your saber...

    on another note, this is a bug list for the CF firmware, not trouble shooting for built sabers. We're trying to update a list of known bugs, not to discuss individual issues that are not "bugs" per say.
    Understood, Erv, but that is not exactly the problem per say.

    Should have probably mentioned that I have a low battery indicator that always goes off way before I've ever experienced anything like this.

    If this is not the correct thread, would the council prefer that I start a new thread, or is there a more appropriate thread already in existence..?

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    A new thread would be correct.

    This thread is basically for CF firmware bugs (although not explicitly shown in the thread).

    As to the low-battery indicator going on well before your cells need charging... this is something that is detailed in the manual (I think from v2.x forward). The lbatt parameter helps determine when CF needs to start interpreting battery voltage/current as "low". It differs from cell to cell / battery solution to battery solution.

    If you think about it--Erv's setup makes TONS of sense... plus--it's ingenious compared to any standard product. Why? Well--most products come with a SPECIFIC set of battery cells. Erv has to figure in for most EVERY type of cell... let alone a wide range of voltages.

    But again, as for the bizarre sound issue--new thread = yes.
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