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Thread: TCSS version of saberbuilder

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    We have tinkered with lots of ideas. Many are in the just takes time to turn out new parts. We have no intention of slowing down though and I am sure this builder will come in handy as we add even more MHS based parts.
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    Great work to Tim & Xl97!!!
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    Cool, I like that it measures and adds the parts costs up for you.

    Couple of things I noticed while playing around.

    1) The MHS ribbed extension (not v-grooved) doesn't appear in the builder when clicked. Nor does it get added to the length/price boxes. It DOES however, show up in the Parts List. (After I typed this, I tabbed back to the builder to discover 16 of them had been added to my builder. Just me, or an everyone problem?)
    2) The MHS ribbed extension (v-grooved) doesn't quite line up properly when Snap-To is checked. It adds about a 1/8" gap on the Male end. (Further testing reveals this to not be a part problem, but is created by adding a piece that has been rotated 180* to a piece that hasn't.)
    3) Changing the color adds $10 to the price, instead of the $12.50 currently charged for Powder Coating.
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    I noticed when trying to add switches with teh snap to it puts the switch in the wrong place, like I did shilt4 and the smooth choke point the snap to put the switch int eh middel of the choke point.
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    I think that was a problem with saberbuilder too, with the switches. Don't quote me on that though. And I was having the same problemw ith adding parts and them not showing up last night.

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    Let me see if I can address some of these questions:

    ti-el_terall - custom custom parts. you can only use default parts (or whatever Tim puts in the MHS version of Saber Builder).. and no overlapping... or customizing in anyway..default parts..default fit.

    it will be a way of sending the parts list and uploading an image of your build..and sending it to Tim, along with any comments of suggestion you want want.

    Darth Demens -

    I dont see any problems with the eithe rof the ribbed sections.. were you clicking it many times? if s..everytime adds one to the parts list. no clue why image wasnt showing up? works fine for me.

    if you rotated a part..then you must have forgot to flip it as well (and your gradients were upside down).... fix that and you wont have any problems

    as for the 'gap' on one side.. I can look into it (hardly an 1/8 of an ich..its 4 pixels.)

    but it could be the image it self has some 'gutter/boarder' on it..not cropped off properly.. or the code implemented on the MHS version as his version does NOT allow for overlapping, and tried to find the end of the part it was dropped on..and position itself so...

    as for as powder caoting cost goes..well I wasnt aware this was being released yet..but it has already been corrected..and Tim will upload the newer version soon Im sure.

    Hasid Lafre / LordMasoch -

    Again..this is how Tim requested his version work.. NO OVERLAPPING when snap-to is on. meaing it will fit the END of te part the current part was dropped/released over and check to see if it should position itself to the right of left of the end of that part.

    you want to place things other than MHS 'hilt' (screw together) parts, you will most likely need to have snop-to OFF..

    LordMasoch -

    SaberBuilder does NOT have this same problem..(and it works as it was intended actually)..

    if you have snap to ON (in SaberBuilder), all parts will align to the same horizontal center of the part is was dropped/released over..

    this could possibly be fixed with the addition of a transparent gutter/border around certain parts to make them the same width (plus) the original width of the MHS parts... however there is no way to know or code for all scenarios..

    example: thumbscrew could add a border to make it 'snap-to' (and always line up correctly) when dropping it over a regular MHS diameter part..hilts, extnesions...etc

    but bladeholders have a differrent widths (diameters) from one another and in itself even.. so its just easier to have the user turn off snap-to and custom place it.

    hope this helps.

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    One small suggestion: After building a saber I then wanted to see different blade colours with it. However, when picking the blade last it sits on top of everything else. Is there a way to make the blade automatically go to the bottom layer?
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    I can look into it.. but all you really have o do it.. click once on the bladeholder..and it move to a layer ABOVE the blade.. all parts work like that.. whatever you click on will be brought to the TOP most 'layer' (depth)

    hope that helps..

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    Perhaps you can have different layers in the application, so you can design overlays etc so you can control where they are. IE. Layer 0 would be the blade, Layer 1 would have the basic MHS parts, Layer 2 would have O-rings, Belts etc that go over them. Layer 3 would have the Sink tube covers etc. Layer 4 the switches etc.

    That way O-rings would never end up under the MHS and we eliminate the hassle of having to drag them all on top again.

    This way you can also click on just one layer at a time to see what you have there without disturbing the other stuff.

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    not really feasible...

    1.) there would be too many layers.. and no way to control them all.

    2.) your 'hard coding' people into how YOU (the developer) thinks they should build instead of letting their imaginations work.

    the only problem I see if if you have a ton of o-rings...

    thre will never be any image manipulation options.. (ie: designing your own sleeves/overlays).. if you want to do that.. make a render in PAINT/Phothsop..(whatever) and submit it to be used in the application.)


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