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Thread: Ultra Sabers Ultra Sound v2 V.S. Plecter labs Crysal focus saber core?

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    Default Ultra Sabers Ultra Sound v2 V.S. Plecter labs Crysal focus saber core?

    Read the title of the thread... No offence to Ultra or Erv (because they both make fantastic boards) this is just for fun. Because I'm a curious I want to see what people think! on a scale from 1-10 USv2:8.5 CF:9.9 Thats my vote

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    This is like comparing a honda to a bmw..whats the point exactly?
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    Seeing as no one has a v2 US yet... it's kind of early to bother with such things.

    In terms of the comparison... the only way you could essentially "even" the ground is to:

    * Ignore CF's configurability--which is through the roof compared to the push-button system US v2 will have (and btw, that's not a dig--at least Ultra did it WITHOUT an SD)...

    * Ignore CF's six sound banks. Ok, four if you bought way early on (well, ONE if you had some like I used to...)

    * Ignore CF's light-driving / flicker options allowing one saber to look different from the rest

    ...and then you have a comparison. I guess you could talk about price, but it hardly makes sense since the CF has more options, so it DOES cost more. Not by much though it seems.

    I believe Yoda was telling me that the US board "sounds better" than CF, and look, he and I are friends so this isn't a dig--we're just trying to get to the bottom of things.

    It may simply be that the sounds *I* created can be MORE problematic with speaker type X whereas the US sounds were probably "dialed in" for the speaker types Ultra intended it to go with?? I don't know.

    Either way. CF is definitely amazing, and I don't feel any issues with the quality of the sounds on *MY* end with MY speakers. Maybe others feel differently? I dunno. You tell me!

    I also believe US v2 will be just dandy great!!! But we've no idea until the actual shipping, receiving, wiring and testing occurs. Differing speakers will yield different results. Different resonance chambers will yield different results + differing timbres. Ay!! Yi-yi.
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    What speakers do you use Nova?

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    I'm more conserened that I won't get one because I may not have the money in time I'll be very sad it I lose out on getting one.

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    Sorry folks, what a ment was a estemation or guess. about the two board

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    To me the one issue that I would continue to pay a premium for on the CF is the pitch shifting. Even if it had stayed at the V3 size and only had one bank of sound. Pitch shift IMO makes the saber more real than anything.
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    Is the next bach of CF going to be v5.0 or v4.2? X-wing I never really thought of it that way!

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    Pitch shifting ? what do you mean by that ?

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    Id think the way xwing approached/answered is the ONLY way to go about this..

    do a comparrrison to the features/topins of each...

    and I think you'll have the answer that ANYONE would come up with.


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