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Thread: Ultra Sabers Ultra Sound v2 V.S. Plecter labs Crysal focus saber core?

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    The training simulators, duh!


    Quote Originally Posted by orakaa View Post
    Pitch shifting ? what do you mean by that ?
    As you change the angle of the saber it alters the pitch of the hum. It makes transitions to the swings better and gives a greater feedback of movement.

    Starting at about 1:30 here you can hear it:
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    To me the one comparison that matters is question Erv's board is *in Billy Crystal voice* mahvelous, simply mahvelous...but Ultra says he has ordered 500 of these...that simply makes them more practically available to more of us, especially those of us wanting to make more than one saber, than CF where you have to 'get lucky' in the 'CF speed-ordering lottery' to get even one of a few dozen every few months.

    Not a criticism of Erv...its amazing he can make that many all by hand himself and I applaud him for it...think of him as the Christian Dior of saber boards making 'haute couture' masterpieces by hand...but he simply cant supply the market demand so it is imo good that there is also Ultrasound as well making 'ready to wear' in QUANTITY as well as [hopefully] quality.

    To me its NOT a "versus" because they are serving different needs imo and I still hope to get a CF someday if I ever 'get lucky' to put in my 'ultimate' personal saber but until then if I can get several US 2.0 for my 'form sabers' I'm grateful for that opportunity too.

    But it is a point of comparison because no matter how wonderful CF surely is to you 'haves' who got one for the rest of us unlucky 'have nots' its either US 2.0 or else MRFX/soon HFX and on THAT comparison the US looks pretty good eh?

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    I will tell you this I have a cf3.0 board and an ultra 1.0 first board that ultra made.The cf board is the best by far;but,As for the power up and the power down ultra has the better sound.Just my two cents.PS.I of coarse will buy the new untra 2.0 board and the newest cf board and I will make a video.

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    Tell ya what. I'll let y'all know when I get my boards in for installs.

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    well these are pretty old i started with US and have read the cfx, nano 4 manuals now im used to US diamond font app. its very user friendly. im gonna change it up want a neopixel. it seems likd the difference in windows and linux. its like wrighting code onto an sd card and hope no mistakes compaired to being abld to test every effect as its hooked up. you can do amazining things with the diamond sound board. besides the on off light effects US seams superior. the 7.2v is a chalange but not even a small one


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