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Thread: Thick Walled Blade Comparison Pictures

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    wait a minute is xwings the one on the left all the time?
    I thought they were stock MR.

    They are even but don't seem as bright and have dim spots. Which could be the photo.

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    You know, I'm getting confused now, too.
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    From what I can tell xwing is cloaked because I don't see a sign of it...

    Only TCSS, Corbin, and Ultra.

    Hehe..."I can't be the only one that's confused here..."

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    I took Xwing down. These are thick walled only, and the Xwing is thin walled. Once my RGB saber is done, I will be doing thin walled sets.
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    Default SaberForge Blades with/without TCSS Diffuser

    Amber Lux3 and P4 Red LEDs with Heavy (thick walled 1/8th) SaberForge Lathe Sanded blades with or without TCSS White Blade Diffusers. Dim room, sunlight filtered via blinds.

    Amber without Diff:

    Amber with Diff:

    Red without Diff:

    Red with Diff:
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    the diffusers give it a nice core and big hilt flare, but an uneven glow and vice versa

    but im liking the flare of the diffusers, i cant wait to build mine


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