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    Default Thread Index

    I'll be going through indexing the most important threads of each forum. I'll be indexing every forum except the non-building ones (Misc topics). This is not meant to be exhaustive, but a starting point that will help keep relevant questions in the same threads. It is not an excuse to not at least skim thread titles and posts within the thread itself in case your question has already be asked.

    If you ever see a thread you'd like indexed or feel I missed please tell Lord Maul via a PM.

    This thread is currently kept up to date thanks to Lord Maul.

    Misc Topics:
    UK Shindig 09
    Jedi or Sith from the Midwest
    Jedi scattered across the Galaxy...PART II
    Long Island Jedi

    Saber Videos (Live Performances and fan films):
    Balance of Power I
    Balance of Power II
    Balance of Power III

    Graflex Saber Building
    How to post pictures
    How to: The basics of painting
    Tutorial: How to photograph your lightsaber
    Picture taking tips
    PM's, Titles, Avatars, Signatures, and You

    Costume Pictures
    Jedi/Sith Cloaks
    The Brotherhood of the Sith - Darth Vader Costume
    Star Fortress Productions: STAY AWAY

    Everything Else:
    Any Artists?
    Any musical instrument fans?
    force fx Couplers
    Good SW books?
    Grip Material?
    Lightsaber Exercises
    Lightsbaer Forms
    making star wars characters with artpad
    selling lightsabers
    Share pictures of your sabers here.
    Snitz forums ranking...
    So, what do you do for a living?
    TCSS Theme Song!!!
    Using Your FX: Hows it handle?
    Where'd You Get that "Handle?"
    TCSS squadrons

    First before you go to any of these threads, can your question be answered by any of these?
    New to the saber scene? Start here:
    Commonly used Drill bits, taps, and measurements
    The Saber Building Dictionary
    05 MR Anakin - Disassembly only - kits available
    05 MR Vader - Done & kits available
    05 MR Mace Windu - Done & kits available
    06 MR Darth Maul - Done & kits available
    05 MR Luke - Disassembly only
    05 MR Obi Wan - Done & kits available
    Cutaway Views and Wiring Schematics
    EL blade tutorial
    EL hilt tutorial
    LED hilt tutorial
    MHS LED kit tutorial
    n00b! So you want to build a MHS saber huh?
    Misinformation: Corrections
    Basics of thread tapping
    Tools & Parts -- a list of the ones you can't do without
    Li-Ion/Polymer 3.6v batteries... your experiences?
    Making Li-Ion Battery Packs

    Modular Hilt System:
    Official store news
    Wish list
    Thumbscrew placement...
    What battery "packs" fit?
    Rendering/visualizing MHS Sabers
    Inteactive Saber Builder
    Outer and Inner diameters of MHS parts
    Blue Fox' Saber Emporium Rendering service

    Saber Sound:
    Crystal Focus 4.x and beyong Bug list & Fix
    Crystal Focus TROUBLESHOOTING thread...
    Crystal Focus Soundfonts and Config Files (Shop and Swap)
    What would you like on buttered toast v4.x?
    UltraSound 2.0 Info
    US 2.0 Troubleshooting
    Any Ultrasound news?
    Ultra Sabers Ultra Sound v2 V.S. Plecter labs Crysal focus saber core?
    General Info on Sound Cards
    What have you done for speaker vents?
    EL Sound With One Switch
    Hasbro Sound Board Fuse
    A possible cheap fix for the Hasbro S.B. F.O.C.?
    hasbro vs MR FX
    Hasbro sound module schematics
    Recharge port, 616 and you
    How to protect your sound board? from grounding out?
    Open Saber Sound Project

    Powder Coating:
    Ok..who wants some powder coating done??
    What is Powdercoating?
    Can I send my parts in to be Powder coated???

    EL blade discussion:
    El colors/brightness
    Getting the EL Wire Inside
    Soldering EL to mono plug
    what size set screw to use?
    Light Whip

    EL hilts and Wiring Discussion:
    How do I wire up this inverter, with an LED?
    Inverter Hum
    Mounting a Switch
    Switch Location

    EL Q&A:
    4 khz inverter heating up
    what is the best battery to use

    LED blade discussion:
    Thick Walled Blade Comparison Pictures
    Movie Blade Color Guide - Blue -- THE SAGA IS COMPLETE
    Keeping the tip on
    "Frosting the Blade"
    Alternative to blade diffuser
    Best purple filter?
    Blade strength showdown!!
    Comparisson between several diffusers
    GeluKhanGharr's clear blade film
    How strong is PC tubing
    Jtsteph white LED
    LED blade tips
    Purple LED
    Blade Length

    LED hilts and wiring discussion:
    TROUBLESHOOTING -- General Theory of Operation
    Adding driver
    Blacklight LEDs
    Let's talk about heat sinking...
    MR Sound Board Current
    multiple LED's
    Do I need a resistor
    R G B Three Color Luxeon III
    Luxeon Rebel discussion
    Luxeon K2
    driving your LED(No resistors allowed)? Read this
    Jay-gon's PVC Hilts
    Vibration motors: a solution for mounting...

    LED Q&A:
    Difference between the Luxeon Collimator Lenses
    how do you make it shimmer?
    LED custom light up effect?
    Question on what Batteries.
    Resistor values for direct drive..3w, 5w, K2

    New Technology Discussion:
    Bat Wings
    Fiber Optic Cable
    Force lightsaber activation with RFID
    Luxeon with slider fading system.
    My DPSS laser driven saber
    PhotonAlterations blade
    prototype: mid-grade MR-Daughter Luxeon CONTROLLER.
    LED (makototsai style) Testing

    MR to luxeon 3w conversions:
    05 MR Vader - Done & kits available
    05 MR Anakin - Disassembly only - kits available
    05 MR Mace Windu - Done & kits available
    06 MR Darth Maul - Done & kits available
    05 MR Luke - Disassembly only
    05 MR Obi Wan - Done & kits available
    pin removal
    MR Anakin conversion assembly.
    Anakin MR Copper buttons
    contact point on a lux
    Darth Vader Conversion Problems
    A Few Conversion Questions...
    Hasbro Conversion (Low buck Saber)
    MR comparison?
    Not powering up
    Question on MR Anakin Terminals/Sound
    Steel reinforced blades
    Joe Jedi (lightsaber construction Kit) Multi color Modification
    Vader ESB Clamp mod

    Cutaway views and wiring schematics:
    3w LED driver aka Corbins board
    Hasbro sound module schematics
    LED Modular Hilt System
    Recharge port hookup
    Learning electronic basics
    Corbin Wiring Diagrams
    Battery Pack Building
    Touch Switch Tutorial

    How to build a basic EL hilt:
    EL hilt tutorial
    Problem finding parts at Lowes

    How to build a basic LED hilt:
    LED hilt tutorial
    Bubbles for Luke ANH saber
    The basics of soldering.
    Tools of the Trade
    Jay-gon's PVC Hilts
    Understanding lens degrees
    Good Chassis materials

    How to build a LED saber with the MHS kit:
    MHS LED kit tutorial
    Dealing with stuck or difficult MHS threads
    n00b! So you want to build a MHS saber huh?

    How to build EL blades:
    EL blade tutorial
    Question on the PolyE tubing
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