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    I have a question about soldering the el wire to the mono plug. In the tutorial it says that you only solder one end to the plug. Does the other end get attached to it in any way?


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    No - soldering is to be done on one end of the wire only. Soldering both ends would most like result in you short circuiting the inverter. I actually insulate the free end with shrink tubing or electrical tape just to make sure it does not accidentally make contact with a conductive material.

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    so i solder one end to the mono plug and just wrap the other end in electrical tape and tuck it into the sheildng of the plug.


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    How do I know how many Qty. of the blue blade to get? I want to make a 48" lightsaber.


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    Are you sure you want to go that long? I've made a 40 inch blade, and it kinda waves in the wind[] Way too long, so I revisited and went down to 36 inches. The "standard" length - the movie length is 1 meter - 40 inches. Anyway, you need to weave the wire up and down 5 times, so a 36 inch for instance, takes 15 feet.
    good luck!

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    I was wondering about how bad an EL blade looks if it only is wrapped or bent 1 time or 2. Does it need the 15 feet of wire for a 36 inch blade? I was wondering because I am getting ready to order EL wire and wanted to know what looks the best. Thanks.

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    If you want it to look the best then order what is suggested in the tutorials.

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    I have tried putting in less wire than suggested. Yeah, I'm cheap. You loose brightness. On the other hand, if you put more than suggested, you need a bigger inverter - the kind that won't fit into any hilt. Go with the tutorials - they have been written after much trial and error I bet.

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    How do you weave the wire? Do you wrap it around itself, braid it, or just coil it up and put it in the polye? I was wondering because another expensive site claims they are the only ones to make a 360 degree blade with not black spots on the EL blades. It confused the heck out of me and I was just wondering how you wrap the coil. Thanks for the help. I can't wait until after the holidays are over and I get my disbursement check to cover my "personal expenses!"

    Thanks for the help[]

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    Sorry about the last post. I just saw my question answered a few topics down. Sorry!


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