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Thread: First EL Blade

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    does the "9 volt to 18 volt" adapter really make that much of a difference in the brightness of the blade?? if somebody knows, id appreciate any input[]
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    If you are looking to go from 9 to 18 volts you will see a huge difference. I run my youngest daughters purple saber at 18 volts and it makes a heck of a difference.
    12 volts is preferred method because it is supposed to be the sweet spot for the inverter. I run my EL hilt at 12 volts and am very happy with that setup. I have an aqua and lime green blades so they are on the bright side to begin with.
    Is your inverter 2khz? bumping up to 4 khz will help big time as well. A 4khz inverter driven at 12 or 18 volts will impress you that for sure.


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    jst use the kits tht tim sells and use the assembly FAQ, thats how mine was made, and you can get most of the non included items at maplins if u guys hav that in da USA
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