Good morning. Iíve been with TCSS for a while now however this is my first post. If Iíve gone about it wrong my apologizes.

So far most of my info searches have gone fruitless on the whole, with tidbits of info here and there, making this approach more a necessity of frustration than laziness.

Last week I purchased, off ebay, what I thought was a broke blade 2005 Luke but the gentleman listed incorrect info and I received a 2003. (Not really sure how to mistake the two since itís printed on the pommel but thatís not here nor there anymore.)

Iíve gotten the break down finished and the board feel to foreign to proceed without running some stuff past you guys. From what I can tell the board is only wired to the speaker positive and the speaker negative is being ground to an empty Bat Pack post. Is anyone familiar with this wiring setup? The ground was pulled loose already from the speaker so I havenít actually heard anything, even before dissemble. So honestly Iím not sure if my trials are bust because of user error or because something was a miss and the board is fried. The blade was broken at the lowest point inside the hilt and the brown and red wires were exposed and sliced. Iím not having trouble with the LED conversion, it works fine, just the sound. Is it possible that before shipping the young man could have touched the light wires and fried the sound? Or would that have killed the lights too? I have learned from other posts that Iím under powering the board with a 4AAA pack since the EL boards did require all 6 AAsí unlike the new parallels. But why would the sound not work with the original setup? I wired the Brown/Red into a MR LED Strip just to check and I lit up fine but without sound.

Maybe itís a junk board. I really donít know anymore and could use a hand.

Thanks All.