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Thread: Share pictures of your sabers here.

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    The handle is 1 3/8 OD. More...what? More parts sticking out? More as in better design? More color? More intricacies? C'mon, help me out, don't just bait me. Is it too simple?

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    Here's latest uses MR Anakin Board

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    Sorry I guess more mass in some way. I have nothing against plain sabers. My won't have very much. I guess to me it seems anorexic for lack of a better term.

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    StrangeWings, I take it you're not a big fan of Obi's ROTS hilt then?
    Yeah, I've been trying to feed it some fries, but it won't have it. lol Strange word to use, but descriptive, I understood precisely what you meant.

    tetmatek - that looks "sithish" to me. I believe a red LED would have done it better justice. Too agressive for a jedi hilt. Nevertheless, an awsome looking design.

    Born of Sith, seduced by the light side.

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    Yea I wanted to put a red LED in also but my son insisted on green. It looks like a cross between a Klingon Dagger and a Lightsaber. I think Klingons would align themselves with the Sith too!

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    GeluKhanGharr, those are some badass hilts and pretty damn original to boot!

    In the pic with six of them laying down flat, my favorites were 2nd & 3rd from left and 2nd from the right. but they were all awesome. these are all just stuff from Home Depot, huh? I may have to pick your brain for some parts, I just finished my first two LED sabers a few weeks back, as cool as they are the hilts aren't all that original. Then again, you're talkin' to someone here who was born in '75, so I think the Graflex-inspired design is mandatory for first attempts made by people who were born in The Brown Decade.[]There's pics of them over on the LED Q and A's forum, I post there under the moniker Darth Shopping Mall.

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    Hey, tetmatek, how did you make those blades/wings/whatever on the side of your hilt?

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    They were some belt tensioners thet i had a freind make for me. They go to....Ready for this.. a <font color="green">John Deere</font id="green"> Lawn Mower. The crazier the source of parts the cooler the saber!lol[

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    Default actually I do like his..I think that is why I feel like yours needs a protein shake. It is similar to it but doesn't have as much. I have discovered that when you make anything star wars that is close to an already established design people automatically think that it is supposed to be the same as the movies and if it's not it looks weird to them. Even if you weren't trying to reproduce the one from the movies. Let me restate so no one thinks I am talking crap about yours..I do like it.

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    Darth-Mi-Shopping-Gin-Mall-Gonn []
    At least yours are nice, clean looking. I've seen some pretty sorry excuses for hilts out there. The difference is where you start. You set off to build a functional LED saber, so the hilt became an accessory. I began at the other end. I started by building a hilt. I made 5 hilts, then I turned to the light and started making hilts with electronics. EL at first, then LED. Now I'm looking to make some combination sabers with sound, EL and Lux LED. I won't say more before I actually have something to show off.[]
    Anyway, my heart is still in the hilts. It is the hilts that mirror a jedi/sith. The blades are just colored light, not much variation there, whereas in the hilts there are infinite possibilities.
    Don't feel bad about being a 75'er. I'm a 69'er myself lol. The only thing I have on you is being born before the first Moon landing.
    Yes, most of the parts come from HD/Lowes. I also have a haven of a store here in town that's called OEM Parts. I mean they even have old TV lamps for crying out loud. When I go there, I loose track of time, I leave with drity hands, ripped clothes and about 50 bucks short every time. On the 6 sabers, #2 from the left, the handle is made of an aluminium part from there. I have no ideea what purpose it originally served. On #3, the emitter is an aluminium record player part, also from there. I also picked up the "switch box" - a multi-pin old computer connector. On #5 from the left, everything is from there except the sink pipe. Oh, yeah, and the emitter - that's a candle holder from a trift shop. But just about everything else is a Lowes/Home Depot/ABC Plumbing/ACE Hardware/Radio Shack part.
    But like tetmatek said, you can find a saber part in almost any piece of hardware that passes through your hands - the stranger the source, the better lol.

    StrangeWings, I didn't take it the wrong way man, constructive criticism is always welcome. From the Obi design, I liked the idea of the thining neck, so I tried to incorporate it in my design. This was my second attempt, and I am now working on the 3rd. This last one will actually be a Lux LED and the blade will be thicker than the thin part of the saber. It might look weird, but I won't know until I try it, right? Have you seen my other "thin neck"? It is somewhere at the beggining of this thread. How does it compare?

    Born of Sith, seduced by the light side.


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