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Thread: Share pictures of your sabers here.

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    here's my sabers, and im proud to say that i got most of the parts from the custom saber shop []

    EL blade:

    mace MRFX conversion:

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    Wow love the white blade on the Windu ishtob!! Killer!
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    That's my TCSS lightsaber with the electronics done by Wade from Saber Concepts. It's almost finished and I can't wait to get it in my hands.
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    My first MHS saber, and the saber build from hell. Everything went wrong at some point. Rebel White with a yellow filter for now, PC with Madcow's Shatterpoint font running off of two 18650 li-ions.

    I decided to try and put the switch on the blade holder, I don't recommend it. Way more trouble than it's worth. Looks cool though. I have both the buttons under the board on the activation box.

    First pic is how much I had to bore out of the holder just to get the wiring to fit. There's even more wiring now, that's an old pic. Blade is a double wrap corbin film and god knows how many wraps of clear mylar.

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