After lots and lots of measuring, I have decided that what I want to do to a Parks Obi-Wan TPM (lux conversion with sound) will not be feasible without significant cash outlay and significant machining.

As such, I am going to restore it to EL, but using the parts here at TCSS.

I will shorten the blade holder about an inch to give me ample room for 2 9V batteries, and am going to use the 4kHz inverter sold here, but reuse the Parks stereo jack.

With three wires (black, white and blue) on the stereo jack, which wires would I use to hook it to the TCSS inverter? I'm thinking black and white, but someone verify or denounce that for me, okay?

Been a long time since I've had an EL saber, and I am really kind of looking forward to it