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    I'm working on a saber made with extra parts I have. A couple questions came up I need answers to. If you know, please lend me your advice and knowledge. Thank you in advance.

    1. I own an Obi-Wan ROTS, Luke ROTJ, build your own, and Qui-Gon Jinn plastic Hasbro sabers. Which sound board is better among these 4 to use as a sound board for my saber?

    2. I have a Corbin's 3w Mom. driver. Can I use my Hasbro sound board with it for my saber? Initially the board was too wide to fit inside of my MHS hilt so I CAREFULLY sanded the sides down a little so it will fit.
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    Well the obi saber has a big time clash censor. So eather go wilth the quigon or the luke. More choses.

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    I Think the "buid your own" SW-616 is the most versitile if you are planing on 2 seperate circuits. there are a few posts kicking around showing how to wire it. I am very satisfyed with it in my latest saber.

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    If you are going to use the Corbin Driver I would use the Obi-Wan. Personally I like the sound better. But that is a matter of opinion. Use whichever board you lke the sound of best. You can use a clash sensor from either of the other boards for the corbin C+L. Just make sure to use a DPDT or DPST momentary switch for the activator. You can use a single SPST switch but it tend to mix the signals to the board, a little harder to wire correctly. Thats about it. I have used that setup before and it works pretty well.
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    DarthFender, when you made yours did you use Corbin's momentary driver with it as well? You wouldn't happen to have a wiring diagram would you? I am using my Qui-Gon board right now since I fried my Luke ROTJ. I can't get it to work any better though. I have only tried using the Hasbro boards with Corbin's driver and the best I can do is get it to work without any sound and the LED constantly stays on. At this point I don't care which board I use as long as I can get it to work properly. I have both DPDT and DPST momentary switches, does one work better with the board over the other? This is how my Qui-Gon board is currently wired.
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    Take a look at the first couple of pages from the Dooku Hilt Progress threads...I had pretty much the same questions as you and with the help of other members I got it to work based on the pics that I have.

    I suggest using a DPDT switch to control the Corbin Mom board and the Hasbro sound card so you can do without two switches. You then can install a FOC switch that will attach to the black and yellow lead that you have on your Corbin board pic.


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    The two switches will work the same. Just make sure if you use a DPDT to wire it so that the switch is normally open. that's why there are 6 posts on those switches one side is NO the other side is NC. There is a diagram in the CUtaways and wiring diagrams section of the Forum. Stryder put it in there. The only difrence I would make is to use the DPDT or DPST switch.this keeps the momentary signal to each board separate. They can use the same power supply is use are using a 4.8 - 6v battery pack any more than that will fry one on those boards. I know cause I have fried a couple myself.

    Here's a link the that diagram...
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