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Thread: TCSS Powder Coating

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    * Copper Jacket Metallic
    * Solar Flat black

    Click on the thumbnails for a larger view:

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    Both the ribbed grips were PC'd solar flat black
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    Ribbed extension powder coated flat black.

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    Default Tim's powder coating skills

    Hey, I just had to post pics of the blade holder (18 ) and 5" double female piece that Tim did for me. I am blown away by how good this looks. He cut grooves out of the double female to resemble hilt style 2. I had them powder coated in Solar Flat Black. Thanks to everyone who helped me decide on the color and which emitter color scheme to go with. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, here's the thread:

    I am so thrilled with Tim's work. He was worried that the recessed grooves near the top of the bladeholder wouldn't come out right. Pshhh! He did a perfect job! Thanks Tim!

    Ok ok, I'll shut up now. Here's a couple of pics.

    I can't wait for the ribbed extension to come back in stock. I'll get that pc'd and then get to work on cutting the overlays.

    Thanks again to all who helped me decide.

    Well, my US board also came in today so I've got to get started on getting it into my weathered saber.

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    Solar Flat Black. No ClearCoat

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