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Thread: ROTJ Copper Sticker Kit

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    Talking ROTJ Copper Sticker Kit

    I own a Luke ROTJ Hero saber, my personal favorite, and my problem is with the copper sticker kit. While it does look nice the stickers don't last forever if you do a lot of handling it. I can't find them in stock anymore and I did find a few links on the internet to buy them. eBay was a good source as well as these guys, If you want it now a good source I found was Guitar Center, or any decent guitar shop. I guess copper sheilding tape reduces humming noices in electric guitars. I read some people suggesting looking in the craft section at Wal-Mart for it. After searching 3 different stores, Hobby Lobby and Micheals, it was a total bust. Any decent auto store should also readily have gold and chrome mylar tape as well. I know Tim offers powder coating and it does look sweet, but I was just giving some info to those looking for a less expensive method. Normally I have saw the copper, gold, and chrome in the price range of around $10.

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    Good find. Love the Bob Barker animation by the way, that makes me laugh every time I see it.

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    Barker didn't leave Price Is Right, he was kicked off and now we know why! lmao

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    I think that's what you get for your lack of vision lol!!

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    I should look for some of that for my Luke FX. The copper stuff on there is ok but I'd rather have something more shiny.

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    I first tried using 40 gauge copper sheets cut to size instead of the stickers. It didn't look bad but the tape has a shinier, richer look to it. Much easier to apply as well, lol


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