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Thread: Luke ROTJ Disassembly Tutorial

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    Default Luke ROTJ Disassembly Tutorial

    Didn't there used to be a tutorial with pictures for the Luke ROTJ saber? I saw a posting with this link,, but after registering I cannot view the tutorial. I have 2 of the sabers what I am hoping to do is gain access into the control box and wire in a clear, low watt bulb into the positive and negative leads from the on/off switch inside of the box. When you power on the saber, the light goes on and lights up the red and green arrows. I tought that would be a nice touch for both of the sabers.

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    There's my tutorial. Hidden in an old thread.
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    Thread Index, The Saber Building Dictionary, and The Basic Saber-Build Tutorial - Read Them!

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    Thanks, this is exactly what I needed!


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