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Thread: CF momentary swich?

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    Post CF momentary swich?

    One simple question what type of momentary swich do you need for a CF? Or dose it matter?

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    I'm pretty sure you can use any switch. It doesn't need a double pole or anything fancy. I'm pretty sure you can even program it to work with either a latching or momentary switch.

    Go to Erv's site and read the manual. I read it a couple of weeks ago, but I have the attention span of a goldfish, so I can't remember exactly.

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    someone on fxsabers used a latching switch for the aux button for a lockup.

    Theres one version of a latchign switch that tim sells that has a momentary action that if you lightly press it it will turn on but when you let go it shuts off.

    I think you could do something like that, then when you latch it it does a constint lock up untill you unlatch the switch.

    Atleast thats how I think it will work, just guessing from watching the guys video.
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    Thanks so I could use a momentary swich sold in the shop for a CF? BTW, thanks.

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    You may use probably any type of momentary switch for CF. Whether normally closed or normally open (N/C, N/O)... it won't matter, although you will need to specify as such in the config.txt file under something like switch=0,1 or 2. I forget what is what--it's in the .pdf. You will know by testing if you got the polarity "wrong".

    You can also use a latching switch, but... naturally that one would only make sense for poweron/off. It would produce some whack results for the aux button I'd guess if you went latching! hehehe
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    IIRC 0 is latching, and 1&2 are momentary switches.
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    Thanks I might get a swich from Radio Shack. See if that works.


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