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Thread: 2 simple questions about the MHS

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    Default 2 simple questions about the MHS

    I've just spent an hour looking for the answers to these questions on this site, and didn't see them anywhere, so please forgive me if I missed them. And yes, they are simple, but I still haven't drilled/tapped/secured my MHS blade (which is my first LED saber).

    Now, my first question is this... I understand about drilling and tapping for a blade holder screw, but does the screw go all the way through into the blade, or is it just supposed to 'pinch' the blade in the blade holder? I ask because it seems that drilling a hole in the blade would be more secure, but couldn't it mess up the diffuser, or even possibly cause the blade to split or crack?

    Second question... When using Tims LED holders, do I still need to use thermal paste, or is that just for makeshift LED holders?

    Like I said, they are simple questions, but I just want to be clear so that I know that I'm doing things properly. Gotta make it idiot proof for some of us, ya know? []

    Thanks for your help,


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    The blade screw only has to contact the blade not go through it. You could technicly drill through the blade as well, but that would cause problems you dont need. You tighten the screw down onto the blade and it is plenty secure.

    If you are using blade holders made by Tim then no, you dont need thermal paste. His heatsinks at the lower end of the holder are all you need, he designed them to heatsink properly without the use of paste.


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    Thanks a bunch... Thats all that I needed to know... []

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    I am not to sure about the thermal paste question. I seem to recall that when tim posted the original designs for the blade holder he said to remember to use some sort of thermal paste. Either then or in the tutorial or some where. Maybe it will be ok without but I like to be sure and use the thermal paste anyway. It takes only a couple of minutes to apply.

    Edit - I looked around the forums there but could not find it. I went over to and found it posted on 9/5/05. It was for Tims first prototype. Maybe the design has changes but I still think it wise to use thermal compound just in case.

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    There's no harm in it as long as you apply a little of it. Too much and it starts to lose the benifits and it gets messy.


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    myself i use just a dot of it. dont take much, just amall dot, thats all.

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    Tim could you please clarify this for us?
    do we need thermal paste with your holder?

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    Works with or without. If you have some use it..if not it will work fine.

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