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Thread: Corbin Wiring Diagrams

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    Default Corbin Wiring Diagrams

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    Awesome. This should be stickied
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    It won't matter in a few more months, since the board has been discontinued.

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    ?? the boards/forums are going bye bye?

    sorry to drudge up a month old thread.. but I had no clue the TCSS forums were being discontinued.

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    The corbins board not the forums
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    damn.. this is one time Im 'glad' I read something wrong..

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    Yeah, but now it doesn't matter, cause the boards are comming back. Better than ever.
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    are the layouts the same then?

    making these diagrams still 'valuable'? or are they just for old tech that someone may still have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by xl97 View Post
    are the layouts the same then?

    making these diagrams still 'valuable'? or are they just for old tech that someone may still have?
    Either way these are still valid since the old boards were so strong many of the originals are still running, and will likely be running for a long time. Some may end up being re-sold or traded etc, so the new owners will need the info... I can't wait to get my hands on the new one, with the flicker effect, my old one is running my lux V cyan wonderfully! If you've never used one of these you're really missing out...the big diff on these is the expanded input/output voltage on the new ones, the 5V regulated soundcard diagram will be VERY important when the new ones get here. the switching options will remain the same too, so this thread will fire up pretty good soon....
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    Im glad.. because I would REALLY like to get an OLD one..

    I have the 'flicker/pulse' option available to me now (sorta,.... if I could ever wire up a hilt )

    as I have a Plecter Driver/Dimmer that has a few programmable options.. as well as programmable up/down..etc yadda, yadda

    but I see what you mean (as far my electronics challanged mind comprehends) that these are in tune with the foture of LED (and saber tech) in general.. able to take the LUX V's without problems/worrys.. etc..etc plus the options are great instead of being a regular driver (I hope you can turn off pulse/flicker completely as an option)

    (Im having trouble uinderstanding how I can wire up my project.. since the boiard is latching, and the Hasbro is mom......and on what poles/legs I actually solder too!!)

    so I understand (somewhat) that these are new/better and I dont want my post to mislead.. I didnt mean that these were of no use anymore.. I guess I was clarifying if they are only usefull for the older style boards or both old & new.

    take care


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