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Thread: B-Day money well spent

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    Default B-Day money well spent

    Hey guys, want to know how to piss off your pregnant wife? Spend all your birthday money on "an over-grown flashlight". (her quote, not mine) or refer to your unborn daughter as your little Padawan. NEWAYS here are beginnings of my 1st MHS saber.
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    I would deffinatly use a control box of sorts for that design. would look reallly good with it.
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    Thats an awesome saber! And I'm with Hasid on the control box

    I don't know...

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    I would only use a control box if you can place it in such a way as to not tear your hand up. also is the wife really pissed off by your starwars obbsession or is she just moody cause of the hormones? If she dislikes starwars your in for a ride.

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    My wife cringes everytime on on this site. She hates my hobby but I buy little by little. I think she's getting better with it or at least hiding her rage.

    Everyone has a hobby but unfortunatly this one is expensive...

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    Fortunately for me, my wife has a hobby that makes mine look positively cheap in comparison. She just hates the mess.

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    My live-in girlfriend has a horse. Mucho expensive to keep a horse.

    I do as I please lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ghostbat View Post
    Fortunately for me, my wife has a hobby that makes mine look positively cheap in comparison. She just hates the mess.
    If your wife is like mine, she collects jewelry.
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    don't get me started on women, I had a girlfriend throw over 1500 dollars in hand painted miniatures into a river some years back, I can still feel the rage.

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    I'll look into the control box idea. There is some room where the switch currently is located that I culd fit a small one. As for my wife, She doesn't understand the StarWars obsession or the fact I tend to be obsessive about most of my hobbies. Different personalities. However, with baby number 1 on the way, all extra money goes towards her (the baby, not the wife) rather than either of our hobbies, but a well timed trinket might let me get a thing or two.
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