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    Hi everyone!

    I wanted to start ordering my LED but noticed that the Heatsink2 is out of stock. I was wondering if i could substitute it with the MHS LED Mount/Heatsink that is offered.
    Mind you i have a hilt that is already made by Conceptprops, so i have no way of taking it apart other then removing the screw at the bottom of the hilt, which is how you would install the batttery. The Blade holder has a 1'' ID

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    the mhs heatsink is 33 mm wide,so if the hilt can house this under the blade holder, your only problem is holding it in place. maybe a c clip can hold tight enough... also, concept does make led kits, they just don't seem to be available often.
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    another way i use when out of heat sink is make one ,with a close 1 inch rod, treaded they sell at home depot for 12$ for 2 ft just cut in piece of 3inch each so it make me 8 of them that easy and inexpensif on top of that it will fit inside a tube of 1 inch id
    i like to do that cause it cause me less & i use it for all kind of stuff with lux led


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