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    Okay so I ordered my new mhs saber parts and I want to use a vader sound board well I don't have a battery pack for it so I ordered the basic lux III kit and a speaker and speaker holder kit as well. What I'm wondering is how I would go about wiring up the 4 AA battery holder to supply power to the board and add the speaker to the mix as well?

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    the speaker and board use a common positive wire. the brown wire is the neg to speaker and black is neg. got it? yellow should be switch wires.

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    If you look in th MR conversions forum, you'll find all the info you need there. You could also look in this thread:

    I have several pics in thee that show the wiring for the vader board I put in my Pearescent Grip saber.

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    Awesome, I did a search to find the wiring for the 4aa pack and couldn't find it. I did look at the mr conversion forum so I know how to hook up my lux I just wanted to know how to set up a new power pack and speaker. Thanks!


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