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Thread: Info on this section - please read first

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    Default Info on this section - please read first

    This is a spot to put tested and confirmed methods of wiring and for cutaway views of how hilts, blades, etc.. go together.

    You can contribute to this area by sending me good quality schematics or cutaway views to that you would like to share. Only schematics tried and endorsed by me will be posted so it may take a few days before I get them posted.

    I want to keep this section as clean as possible so this is the only discussion thread for this area. Any other threads will be deleted and the ones I post will be locked.

    Although I try to make as little mistakes as possible, I am only human. Therefore any schematics are "try at your own risk".

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    Fantastic idea, Tim! Personally, I need to see things (rather than simply read about them) for me to understand them, so this section is perfect!

    P.S. Just sent you an email. []

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    Can I recommend that when batteries are listed (as parts), also list what voltage? More people are using (1.2v) rechargeables, but most plans are designed with fewer but higher voltage batteries (1.5v non-rechargeable alkalines).


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    Bump. Remember guys, this section is not for diagram reviews, it is for PROVEN wiring diagrams. All others will be moved.
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