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Thread: My first homemade Vader ROTJ EL lightsaber

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    Default My first homemade Vader ROTJ EL lightsaber

    Here's the link to a turorial I borrowed and added my own spin on it thanks to the Elvis Trooper. I hope he doesn't mind. This is my first EL Vader ROTJ lightsaber. This would not have been possible without Tim's incredible patience with me. Thanks Tim!
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    Didn't we already teach you how to POST PICTURES because tim was sick of you linking to your website?

    On another note, I can't really find the finished piece...
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    All I'm trying to do is thank Tim. If he wants me to remove it I will. Without him I couldn't have made it. I'm not selling anything, it's a tutorial using The Custom Saber Shop's electronics. His link is even on the page. The pictures are the final product.
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    That was quite rude there maul.


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