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Thread: Green LED pics

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    Default Green Seoul P4

    Don't have the saber finished yet, but tested the wiring on the LED the other night, and thought I'd share this:

    A friend thought I was Arc-welding
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    Luxeon Rebel Star driven by 1000 mA buckpuck (though it measures to 850 mA with a multimeter) with a 2010 Hasbro sound board. First two pics are a darkened room (curtains drawn, but not completely dark). The third is in full daylight. In daylight, the core effect of the Corbin blade reaches the end, but it is not completely green at the far end. The actual color in the darkened room is more of an emerald green than the pastel you see here.


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    p4 Green run at 1.5A from a cf v4.3 using a tcss trans white blade and 8.7 degree optics
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    Here is my green saber ^^ t.jpg
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