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Thread: adapting a rechargable battery pack

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    Default adapting a rechargable battery pack

    I'm a little but does tim have something to adapt the recargeable battery packs sold here to power a saber? If so how do you do it?
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    clip the plug off and follow the diagram in the wiring guides section.
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    The leads are basically + and - ... so you simply have to get it right, and you can hook them up to whatever ports/plugs you like.

    I personally use stereo jacks, and although some say that is not good--works fine for me.

    You could use ANY plug type you like, so long as it has a positive and negative lead (basically two isolated wires). A tamiya connector... a canon plug... heck, you could even use a wall plug if you were that nuts and could fit it! + & -
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    Can you dumb that down a little and give me a link to the tutorial/diagram you menchined.
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    why don't you try a search or look in the tutorial forums?
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