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Thread: Understanding lens degrees

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    The rebel 8.7 degree lens has a higher light transmission efficency than the 5 degree. As well, it works with ALL the single die LEDs in the store. I only use them these days.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay-gon Jinn View Post
    I'm not convinced that a trans-white blade is the best bet for showing off a filtered white led. The white opacity of the blade is going to wash out or change the color of the filter, so you will not be getting an exact result. I'd use a clear blade with either of the lenses for that.
    I agree with Jay-gon Jinn; I've heard from multiple sources (trustworthy TCSS members and other knowledgeable forum members on other forums) that Trans White produces a pale, washed-out color. I've no doubt that it will work as a blade, but the color quality matters a lot to many people. If you're worried about getting the gift-wrap blade right, don't worry; it's not difficult. There are many posts around here that will tell you how. I am also available through PMs if you have any trouble.


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