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    Here is a video of my Nephew (sisters kid) and I having an epic duel in the Garage. The video is posted to my sisters YouTube account, so hopefully she will leave it up. The sabers are my Proto3A and Proto3B sabers. He was playing with the Proto3A saber for awhile already so the batteries were running low

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    Here's my two MRs. I actually like these two, even in the pure MR form. But I've made them my own... and now they have a little more character.

    MR Anakin:
    - Ultra sound v1
    - cyan bin1 (lux III)
    - crystal chamber w/5mm aqua LED
    - TCSS anakin coversion kit (full blade holder)
    - screw-on red button & glass eye
    - vintage pins
    - Custom resonator (extra bass)

    MR Mace:
    - LEDengine 10w (RGGB)
    - crystal chamber w/5mm purple LED
    - grips removed - black underneath
    - 4 aaa battery pack
    - ultra conversion kit


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    Lightsabers by the forum members of TCSS video

    Figured I would throw it in here since the overall reception was good.

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    the saber iv simi completed, not exactly done yet. but as more funds are available ill be upgrading a few things ^^;

    UPDATE! (NOV 24 200

    UPDATE! (DEC 20 200
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    Heres my first ever saber video

    Cree led, hasbro sound board, custom hilt designed and machined by me.

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    This is a very short video demonstrating the first and only (so far) pommel that I machined that has an on/off button in it. The button inside the pommel is a standard latching SPST from TCSS. I had to bore out the pommel in two different diameters and make a special piece for the gem to attach to that also rests against the push button part of the SPST switch. I also made a custom washer that goes on the SPST switch and a plug to go behind the switch that is held in the pommel with a flush mounted set screw.

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