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Thread: finally using my first CFX... FROM 2019!

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    Default finally using my first CFX... FROM 2019!

    Hey all!
    finally using this CFX i purchased when they first launched in 2019.
    I just put the included SD card in my laptop and... NOTHING!
    computer doesnt even show a card present.
    tried another card and it reads just fine. swapped adapters. still nothing from the CFX card.

    is it dead? like it sat too long without being plugged in?? what now?! replace with any 8gb SDHC? how do i get the whole load from the CFX back on there? is the whole build available on Erv's site? [yes, its here - Future Mynock]

    *Help me obi-wan kenobi... this is my most desperate hour!*

    **OK i found the SD Card packages. [I had purchased a new 8gb SD card at this point - Future Mynock] can i just go straight to build 7F? or do i need to upgrade incrementally (5A, 5C, 5D, etc...) keeping in mind this is the OG Mk1, so hopefully none of these builds can brick an old board?

    ****UPDATE! SUCCESS!!!!
    I went over to the FXsabers forum, posted in the plecter section. couple hours later, ERV HIMSELF to the rescue! He assured me i could just run the latest SD package, and run the current Beta firmware which he said is nearly ready to move to the "stable" list of FW. I had a little bit of drama with settings but overall the update went VERY well!
    then my pixel blade wouldnt work, but i have a pixel to baselit blade adapter (saberbay or shtock, i cant remember which etsy seller...) and that worked.
    after reading every word in the CFX manual regarding pixel setup, i was sure everything was correct. the only thing left to do was check my blade connection between the KR pixel stick and the TCSS blade connector. (i had already jumper'd the pad for the SMD resistor on the TCSS pixel connector, since the KR stick has it built in).
    anyway i get the connector off, and sure enough, TWO failed solder connections on the pixel stick side! got them back on, put the blade in the saber, hit the activation button and

    BOOM!!! IT WORKED!!!

    i am BEYOND stoked to finally have this thing functional! i have been working on this saber in various configurations for over TWELVE YEARS!!!!
    the ammount of joy and pride i had when that blade ramped up... i nearly shed a tear!

    anyway, MODS, its up to you if you want to delete this, or leave it up for anyone else updating a Mk1 board that hasnt been touched for almost 4 years lol you never know, it could benefit somebody?
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    Congrats. Now comes the fun part, messing around with the GraFx engine for blade effects.


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