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Thread: Recharge port on golden harvest

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    Default Recharge port on golden harvest

    I am familiar with putting a recharge port on some of the older soundboards, but itís not clear you can put one on the new golden harvest. It does look like there is a module you can add to offer charging through usb, but does this act like a recharge/ kill port or? Can you use the older kill switch/ recharge port with it? Thanks!

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    From what I know of the seedling, it doesn't have kill key functionality so you would likely need to use a kill switch setup instead, but it does enable charging over USB for the Li-Ion cell so long as it's wired in correctly (up to 1.4A charging current). Also allows mass storage access for convenience. The manual for anything in depth is on the store page for the seedling.

    Alternatively you can also still use the normal 2.1mm switchcraft port we have always used since those aren't board dependent, just needs to be wired in to the power lines correctly for proper kill key functionality.
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