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Thread: Scratch & Dent Sale 2022

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    Curious as to what everyone got.
    Sorry no pix, phone camera is potato quality on a good day.
    It's been quite a while since I've posted here...
    I remember part of the rules said talking about other saber companies was a pretty big ("Just don't do it").
    Browsing these past couple days I see quite a few threads mentioning 2 of the bigger "other" companies that I won't name out of respect for Strydur.

    Anyways, despite the lack of images, here's a list of what I found in the box which was delivered just this afternoon (2pm central)
    7 trans white, mirrored, round blade tips.
    2 trans white bullet blade tips
    3 black covertech wheels
    2 black 16 mm short AV switches, 1 with red ring LED,
    1 with white ring LED
    1 basic aluminum covertech wheel
    Blade Holders 13 & 23
    Choke style 1 short, w/ holes (copper powder coat)
    3" extension, w/ 2 switch holes
    Ribbed / Choke combo
    Hilt style 5
    Ribbed extension w/ gloss black powder coat
    Nano Biscotte ver. 1.0 (no sd card, oh well)
    Gear style 1
    Double male with slots, style 3
    MTN Ribbed double male threaded adapter
    MPS Pommel 3 V2 (transparent dark tangerine orange looking powder coat)
    MPS Pommel 4
    MPS Pommel 5 (transparent blue powder coat)
    MPS Pommel 10
    Pommel 3
    Cube ring for Pommel 4, non-anodized w/ holes
    (& many sharp edges)
    Activation Box 1
    LED Holder w/ old v3 (copper marshmallow) heatsink
    And lastly, there was an odd, Graflex looking part in the box,
    but can't find it anywhere in the store. It's about 3" long, there's a threaded hole for a blade retention screw, 2 machine recessed spots for brass pins, at the bottom of it is some female threads obviously too small to be MHS V1.
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