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Thread: Double-bladed Saber Construction

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    Default Double-bladed Saber Construction

    I haven't been able to find any answers elsewhere regarding this, so I'm hoping someone here might be able to.
    When constructing a double bladed saber, would only 1 soundboard suffice? I know if it was to split into 2 then multiple would be needed, as it would just obviously be 2 sabers that are connected, but would 1 soundboard be able to control both blades "separately?" For example, would I have to rely on gesture controls in order to ignite one blade at a time? Or is there a way to wire multiple switches to do so? Just looking for some intel before I begin designing a build! Thanks!

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    If you want to control them separately, you’ll need two cards (basically 2 of everything). You can get away with doing RGB in hilt setups with one, BUT you’re going to cut the run time in half, and you’re not going to be able to control the blades separately.
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    yeah, I agree with what FJK has said. I could think of a way to do a single board with a proffie, but there would still be caveats. (for a pixel) One would be you would need to do some serious programming and altering of the proffieOS code to program in how you want it to operate. Second would be power limitations, protected batteries the site sells limits to 15A max draw before it cuts off power, so if you were to do a pixel setup you would need to use 2 batteries wired in parallel to distribute the load. You would also need to connect the pixel adapters in hilt directly to power as the board wouldn't be able to handle the current load of 2 blades, so no power cutoff to the strips when the board goes to sleep mode. Another limitation is sound font compatibility, it would still only sound like 1 saber. So while you can use 1 board (in theory, and with a lot of work), it's much easier and imo better to just double up everything. Also gives you the option to do a dual wield setup if you like.

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    Awesome, that answers things quite clearly, thank you both!


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