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Now I'm confused.. OK, so i have only ONE LED (blue), so when you say " there is a voltage regulator on the main pads" that you are saying is that the Crystal Focus 9 has a voltage regulator and I will NOT need a resistor... as per the picture form the CF9 manual? If you could clarify this, it would be great. I'm unfortunately not yet "hip with the lingo" so I'm assuming "main pads" in this context means the CF9. Cheers Rene
Correct. The CF 9 has a voltage regulator attached to the main LED pads (see manual). Since you only have one LED, you attach it to those pads.

@RavenXP, just because it’s “capable” doesn’t mean it actually does. Also, he says he has a 7.4V power source, and those tend not to have a large amperage output.